Desist from Unauthorized Post in our Name or Risk being Sued, APLSCD Coordinator Warns Propagandist.


By Augustus Bill

The coordinator of Persons living with sickle cell disorder, Aisha Edward has sternly cautioned New Social Media Handlers to henceforth desist from peddling the name of her Association in any political or defamatory post aimed at ridiculing the Association in public light.

Aisha issued the warning in a Press release earlier today after a careful investigation of some political posts trying to smear some colleagues close to her, she said that the Association has been alerted on several occasions of Publications, especially online that is aimed at ridiculing either a Member or the entire Association. According to Her, Media Aides and cohorts of politicians should desist from the unprofessional tactics of attaching her groups name to their political posts, except it is an Advocacy in our interest.

Aisha who felt disconsolate and emotionally traumatised at the ridicule of a sickle cell person online, in connection to the father’s political allegiance felt it was extremely wicked, highly disrespectful, very rude and most callous for media persons to stoop so low to use these health challenged persons especially Sickle cell persons as subjects of their ridicule. Any aspersions or any attack on my people, directly or indirectly, registered or non registered, is an attack on my person which will surely lead to a surprising counter attack from my territory too. “I may have chosen to remain calm in the past for some obvious reasons but have decided to break my silence by issuing a stern warning after observing the new trend of some political propagandists lately.”

She said that the post which has already gone viral have not only stigmatize this sickle cell persons in the society but may cause for him a heavy emotional trauma that can lead to crisis, as the case of the victims are very sensitive ones, and issues like this should not be trivialized when dealing with them.

Aisha warned that APLSCD would be ready to sue any body found making caricature of any member of the Association, as this does not only amount to a breach of the journalistic ethics that binds these media persons but could be taken up as a serious case in the court.

She further advised political enthusiast not to step out of the lines of professionalism while doing the jobs of their paymasters, and that the Association would take further precautionary measures to ensure that incidents as such does not repeat itself.

The Teary Eyed Edward reiterated that If you have not contributed a dime for the peace and joy of my people, then you should not contribute your political strategies and arithmetic to worsen their already painful State.She pointed out that APLSCD currently have enough painful Scars from the Society and wish not to inherit another painful tattoos from these hypocritical sympathizers pretending to be their well wishers. “The group will always stand to Resist all manner of Self pity Status be it self or societal inflicted.” She Concludes