APLSCD Extends Sickle Cell Outreach to School Management in Awka Catholic Diocese


By Augustus Bill

Missionary school managers and principals under the Directorate of Education in Awka Diocese were the Audience of the sickle cell campaign outreach APLSCD at Burbendorf Memorial School Adazi Nnukwu Recently.

The occasion, which was the meeting of the educationists in Awka diocese created an avenue for the Aisha Edward, the coordinator of the sickle cell association to enlighten them on the dangers of sickle cell and the dire need for a Remedy through the education sector as posited by the Sickle Cell Law, as enacted in 2002.

Aisha Edward underlined the pinning difficulties of persons living with sickle cell disorder, as they suffer arduous adversities and disregard from the society due to their condition. She decried that the situation is not one that could be eliminated with vaccines but needed intensive sensitization to abate the reoccurrence of sickle cell in the society.

She highlighted that the has become the primary aim of this sensitization, as the only way to solve this is by letting the children know on time, the dangers and implications of living with sickle cell disorder. This knowledge at a tender age shapes the child to know his or her duty in being aware of the genotype.

Aisha presaged that early education of the child about genotype would further enhance the chances of ending the proliferation of the disorder. The Association, however, provided for the educationists education materials to be used in propagating the noble cause of fighting sickle cell. She explained that the cost of maintaining a sickle cell child is same as the cost of maintaining ten other children, and as such leaves most families in Peril.

The coordinator urged the Educationists to extend the sensitization to their various classrooms, as the Association would avail herself for any school that wish to have her talk to them as regarding the scourge, since they are the first respondents and bearers of this disorder and by that have a proper and articulated understanding of the situation on ground.

Present at the meeting were the Chairman of the Education Managers and Principals, Rev. Fr. Nwajiagu, Education Secretary Ekwulobia Deanery, Rev. Fr. Hilary Ekwenibe, Chaplain of APLSCD, Rev. Fr. Obiora Okeke and all the Education Secretaries of the deaneries under the catholic diocese of Awka, all school managers and principals, including the Education Secretary of the Diocese.