APLSCD Extends Sensitization Campaign To Rotary Club

-By Augustus Bill

Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, under the leadership of Aisha Edward has strengthened her sensitization campaign by reaching out in partnership with Community Rotary Club of Aniocha, a community based Rotary club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Nnewi.

Speaking at the Rotary Fellowship held at White Castle Hotel Neni on Sunday 28 August 2016, Aisha confirmed that her association is ready to partner with Rotary Club to ensure that the goals of the sensitization campaign are achieved. She said that the Association has been studying the activities of various NGOs and Social Clubs, and Rotaract Club is the first to capture the Association’s interest due to her zeal in the service of humanity.

APLSCD At Rotary Club

Aisha described Rotaract Club as one whose objectives and drive are in line with the aims of APLSCD, and hopes that a partnership with the club would further sink down the sensitization outreach down the hearts of many Nigerians.

Dr Epundu, The President Elect and New Generation Director of the Rotary Club of Nnewi who was present at the meeting, added that partnership with the sickle cell group is one which is to be taken very seriously, as to ensure that the scourge of Sickle Cell is purged from the country. Dr Epundu who is also a Paediatrician with Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi, appreciated Aisha for her vigorous fight in ensuring the eradication of the menace of sickle cell. He said that his work is one which deals directly with patients of this disorder, and overtime in the process of consulting, he has realised that people are scarcely educated on genotype, and commended Aisha and the APLSCD for their zeal in ensuring that the genotype education reaches all concerned.

APLSCD At Rotary Club

The Club President of the Aniocha Community Based Club, Mr Kelvin Decency Eze, said he was happy and honoured to be part of the campaign against sickle cell. According to him, he has followed the activities of the sickle cell Association closely and can attest that a partnership with the ASSOCIATION would be in line with the goals of the Rotaract Club. He pledged that his club would ensure that the same vigour and focus dedicated to eradication of Polio shall be dedicated to the Sickle Cell sensitization campaign.

Rotr. Okwuchukwu Okonkwo, a guest Rotaractor at the event expressed delight at the collaboration between the two associations. He expressed hope that it would yield fruits and promised to extend the collaboration to the Rotary Club of Unizik where he is on the board of Directors.

APLSCD At Rotary Club

Highlights of the event were the cutting of the Birthday cake of two Rotaractors, presentation of the Rotaract Laws and by laws to the charter president of the Aniocha Rotary club by the Rotr. Epundu.