Hello House


Hello House

Remember Nnenna and Chiemerie Nwoye who got admitted at Sickle Cell Orphanage Home and Ifeanyichukwu Hospital Agulu as a result of sickle cell complications of the kidney?

The medical director of the hospital did everything possible to give them the best attention and today they are now discharged from the hospital into sickle cell orphanage for a follow up management.

Let me firstly thank members Ndi Agulu first and the members of Human Right Defenders Group known as DYRF as well as other spirited individual who are friends of the home.

You didn’t let me down and my children are safe, happy and smiling at our home now.

My biggest gratitude to Director Ifeanyichukwu Hospital Agulu who gave his best professional management at a minimal cost contrary to what we usually face with some corrupt private hospitals.

We are grateful to you all for always rising up to the occasion to be a shoulder to lean on.

Agulu Ndi nwem I fall in love with you people every day of my life for not relenting to save these children from untimely death. Please take note of this.

Bravo to Ifeanyichukwu Hospital Agulu for giving us the best attention at that material time.

Aisha Edward Maduagwu.
Sickle Cell Orphanage and Underprivileged Home.