By Augustus Bill

The Association of Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disorder have condemned the high cost of basic medical care and gross negligence of most healthcare givers, while attributing them to be some of the major causes of the growing rate of drug abuse by persons living with the order.

This assertion was made by the coordinator of the Association, Aisha Edward who was a guest on NDLEA and You, a radio program on ABS, packaged by program of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Anambra Command. Aisha maintained that most persons living with sickle cell are often the victims of drug abuse and dependency due to the high cost of healthcare and the gross laxity of most healthcare givers who give these control drugs even without confirming a doctor’s prescription.

Aisha maintained that lots of lives have been wasted on the hands of drug abuse, as people out of frustration and poverty resort to the use of control drugs they buy at pharmaceutical shops. She said that the Sickle Cell Law is needed now more than ever, as it serves as a remedy to the growing rate of drug abuse by sickle cell persons.

The Sickle cell Law when enacted, will create rooms for affordable and moderate healthcare bills, and stringent laws for healthcare givers who administer certain drugs without doctor’s prescription.

Aisha lamented that her members are left with self help and no psychological support for their frustration, except for the clergy who take out time to listen and advise them. She advised her members to seek the help of Clergies, as they are always there to help them evade the pangs of drug abuse.

The Sickle Cell Advocate, appreciated NDLEA for their gallant strides in fighting drug abuse, and ABS for providing a platform for such educating and informative program, as it will affect more lives positively.

Also as the popular anchor on the program was Ekwi Ajide and Co host, David Okpokwasili. the program comes on air every Tuesday at 11.am ABS


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