Abandoned 15 year old Sickle Cell Anemia mother to abandon her child

A 15 year old sickle cell patient, Victoria Uzodimma, from Mbaise in Imo State, who recently put to bed a healthy baby boy is about to abandon her baby at General Hospital, Onitsha.

A victim of rejection, it was gathered that her lover, one Emeka from Onitsha who promised her marriage absconded when she became pregnant.

Her parents, purportedly members of Deeper Life Bible Church, disowned her, and she was left in the streets, not until Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder found her and started catering for her.

Narrating her ordeal, Aisha Edward, the Founder and President of the association, said she was relieved that the sickle cell patient put to bed safely adding that she was in need of philanthropists who can intervene financially on the patient’s behalf to forestall regrettable consequences.

In her words, “It was during one of my speaking tours around the state that I found this girl who was brought to me by a clergyman Ven. Akunazobi of Diocese of the Niger Anglican Communion Onitsha to take care of.

“Three days before she put to bed, she confided in me that she would abandon the baby once she puts to bed.

“I became worried as the girl absconding would entail the association taking the child to an orphanage and paying for the baby’s upkeep monthly.

“We understand that the young mother is psychologically bartered and helpless, that is why she wants to abandon the baby but we also know that the girl would need the child in future.”

She said that was the reason the association is calling out for financial support to enable them rehabilitate her and empower her, as well as attend to the baby’s needs.


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By : O’Star Eze.