It is with great honor and privilege that I write you on behalf of the Association of Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, to appreciate you for your numerous efforts in ensuring that good health is maintained across the country through your active and efficient products that have constantly remained a life saver for many.

We are indeed grateful that you’ve extended your benevolence to our Association and would like to Queue into our cause to ensure that the light we have kept burning never goes out. We understand that the sickle cell cause is one your brand is particular in aiding in the country and we are glad that we the victims of the disorder are privileged to receive your benevolence.

As victims of the disorder in Nigeria, our Association was birthed on the premise of fighting for our rights, ensuring our collective welfare and catering for ourselves, since the society have played a huge negligence on us. In order to achieve the following and to ensure that more of our kind are not brought into the world, each year we line up activities that will sustain our ongoing sensitization across the country.


In order for our sensitization messages to cut across different states and cultures in the country we began quarterly programs on different radio stations, which we hope to extend the duration by this year. The program titled “Daring Expose” is where we talk about Sickle Cell Anemia, its management, and pains of those living with it. Sensitising our audience on the need to know their genotype. The cost of this program for a year is outlined below for three radio stations.

Sapiensa FM – N600, 000 (One Year)

Unizik FM – N600, 000 (One Year) 

Blaize FM – N600, 000 (One Year) 

TOTAL – N1,800,000


over the years we have taken it upon ourselves to visit schools and churches where we sensitized the students and parents on the essence of knowing their genotype and the consequences such ignorance may cause them. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this sensitization our Association published a sickle cell booklet that we sell to the schools and churches during the sensitization. This booklet apart from being a sensitization material has become our sole source of income that has made us less dependent on our benefactors. In the last year over 15,000 copies of the books were distributed to churches, primary and secondary schools in Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi States, and having received approval for some Universities like UNN and Unizik we hope to do more this year.

20,000 copies at N300 each – N6,000,000


this is another aspect that has been a torn in our flesh during sensitization campaigns, as we are left in the mercy of renting Buses from Churches and Schools during our campaigns, and most times even subjected to the use of Public Transport which is not fair to our disorder due to the fact that most of our members are suffering from Ulcer of the leg, which is particular with our disorder. We hope to have our own Bus this year, and would be glad if your company and help us.


Due to the constant discrimination faced by most of our members in their places of work, as most employees see us as very weak and fragile thereby refusing to employ us, it has become one of our burdening plans to have for ourselves a skill acquisition center where we can train ourselves and become independent without leaning on others for financial support.

The initial analysis to Build and furnish this centre with the needed materials costs to the tune of – N2,000,000


it’s is no longer news that most of our members have been thrown out of their houses by families due to the financial burden that comes with living with sickle cell, during the end of last year one of our members who had just given birth was abandoned by her family and she had contemplated suicide if not for our prompt response that salvaged the situation. To that light it has become imperative that we have a 3 bedroom flat to accommodate those members who may have no places to stay, as this will give them a new sense of belonging and even help us monitor their health and welfare closely. A self contained apartment that a raffles draw would be appreciated from your organization a yearly consolation for our Adult Members who are 40 years and above as a source of consolation rewards for our lifetime  patronage to your Organization.

APLSCD Account Details:

Account name: Association of people living with Sickle Cell Disorder

Bank: FCMB
Account Number: 3373524019.

We will be grateful if your brand can help us in solving one or more of this financial burdens, as we look forward to your response.

Yours Faithfully,

Aisha Edward

National Coordinator APLSCD